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Hi All,

A minor patch has been released for Exile, v0.9.4.1 “Clementine”.


Aa per usual at this stage we plan to be updating on Thursday (should our host update the packages on time). We will advise should this ETA change.


TLDR Version

Less bugs, but not bug free
Much surprise
So wow

Admin Info

Run the upgrade SQL script
Replace extDB2.dll
Merge extdb-conf.ini
Replace exile.ini
Replace exile_server.pbo
Merge loot tables (if you like to)
Replace @Exile
Replace key
Use new BattlEye filters
Updating exile_server_config.pbo and mission file is not required


Changed: Replaced “KNOCKED OUT” with more fancy messages
Changed: Enabled unlocking of vehicles in safe zones after restart by default
Removed: Obsolete ” visualThreshold” from server config
Fixed: Players could handcuff others while being tied up
Fixed: Boats were spawning on sea ground instead of water surface
Fixed: Fly sound not always de-spawning when de-spawning a corpse
Fixed: Grinder was missing in loot tables and traders (sorry!)
Fixed: Grenade HUD showing wrong names and values
Fixed: Delayed loading of character data so Arma (hopefully) does not throw magazines away
Fixed: Construction limit was taken from one level above the current level of territories
Fixed: Clean-up of territories would only work on newer MySQL server versions
Fixed: Location info in HUD was not showing and spawning and re-spawning
Fixed: Another glitchy way to access a locked safe
Added: Fly swarm particles on player corpses
Fixed: Loading lots of magazines into your weapon would prevent you from spawning – thx to @On4fox
Fixed: In rare situations, the detection of objects in a territory might not work well (AGL/AGLS)
Fixed: Camp fires would not be found in upper stories – thx to @On4fox

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