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So it has been awhile, the majority of us have been enjoying The Division and neglecting our real lives.

But recently (12/04) the first major patch for The Division was release and bringing with it “Incursions” …. brutal wave defence.

Along with incursions, the most notable and sort after changes are, Gear Sets (providing more end game grinding) and Trading items (dropped by enemies but still very nice to have, no more DZ suicides to give a friend gear drops). With this patch we also see a lot of much needed bug fixes.

This patch and the content releases / changes shows great promise for the game and its future, and we can’t wait to see what they give us next… Until then we shall be getting face stomped in the new incursion mode 😉

You can read more about patch 1.1 here – The Division 1.1 patch notes

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