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Yes v0.9.8 finally hit the ground running and after a challenging upgrade (a lot of bugs with this patch) our server is up to date… So what changed? Whats new? Here are just some of the new and changed features:

– Base raiding: what we have all been waiting for, a legitimate raiding system for end game content 🙂 woooo. How it works is, you now build breaching charges (you will need to work out how), to blow you way into a base and find the flag. You can then attempt to capture the flag and hold the base to ransom for 3 days. During this time the owner can pay the ransom to the attacker however, if they do not the base will be unlocked on the last day of capture and all safes and doors will be unlocked and completely lootable.

– Concrete building: Need I say more…? End game bases kthxbai!

– New Items…. : So Exile has been encorporating ARMA 2 items and objects for a little while now but with the latest update we now see the HMMV and BTR’s entering the game along with the AN22 and several AK’s and LMGs….. and SHOTGUNS!!!!!! Oh and the old time favourite… the Dinner bell… aka Lee Enfield.

– Probably one of the biggest, most interesting and most rage inducing changes is the physical currency change. All of your existing money will be found at the lockers @ central traders and you can withdraw from it. HOWEVER!!!!! When you carry money on you person (ie: in your inventory, look down the bottom).. you now risk losing it when you die, as whatever money you have on you is dropped on death. It is not all doom and gloom though, you can store up to $240,000 poptabs in your safes at your base…. assuming you dont die transporting it there 😀

With this mod we have also added updated AI missions and scripts as well as updated King of the Hill events.

So all that is left to say is, see you in game and enjoy 🙂


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