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The foul stench of rotting flesh permeates your restless sleep and your eyes open. The lack of proper rest these past few months has hit you hard: how long has it been since you were actually safe – or had even eaten well. The familiar cycle of wishful thinking begins as you struggle to rub the grit from your eyes.

Every morning begins the same: The first part of your morning is dedicated to securing your safe house. That the doors are still barred, the boarded windows haven’t been breached. Then checking your supplies of ammunition and food. You’ll need more, you realise.

It’s then that a thought dawns on you: even is this dystopian landscape there should be more noise than this. Fear grips you, and your hands shake as you begin loading your weapon – you already know what’s coming. The dull groaning slowly fills the air, rising into the sickening wailing of an undead horde and the thudding of feet draws closer.

Will you survive…?

Or is it only a matter of time…

Take the Sky is pleased to announce the launch of its latest server offering, 7 Days to Die. 7 Days to Die is a zombie horde survival game where the focus is to build and maintain a base and every week – attempt to survive a horde onslaught. Join us trying to survive!

IP :
PORT : 27900
NAME : [AU/NZ] Take The Sky

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