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    7 Days to Die Server

    28 November 2016 , by admin

    The foul stench of rotting flesh permeates your restless sleep and your eyes open. The lack of proper rest these past few months has hit you hard: how long has it been since you were actually safe – or had even eaten well. The familiar cycle of wishful thinking begins as you struggle to rub the grit from your eyes.... Read more

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    Exile v0.9.8

    4 July 2016 , by admin

    IT IS FINALLY HERE THE PATCH WE HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR… Yes v0.9.8 finally hit the ground running and after a challenging upgrade (a lot of bugs with this patch) our server is up to date… So what changed? Whats new? Here are just some of the new and changed features: – Base raiding: what we have all been... Read more

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    The Division Patch 1.1

    14 April 2016 , by admin

    So it has been awhile, the majority of us have been enjoying The Division and neglecting our real lives. But recently (12/04) the first major patch for The Division was release and bringing with it “Incursions” …. brutal wave defence. Along with incursions, the most notable and sort after changes are, Gear Sets (providing more end... Read more

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    The Division – Open BETA

    18 February 2016 , by admin

    Some of you may or may not have heard about a new game called “The Division” and if you haven’t then I suggest you quickly go to YouTube and search THE DIVISION GAME PLAY … and just enjoy 🙂 So what is The Division? The Division is an Open World, MMO, Third-Person shooter / RPG. To summarise the background /... Read more

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    Star Citizen Package Split

    10 February 2016 , by admin

    So word has come down from high that the separation of the two Star Citizen games is happening on 14/2/15. After this date the Squadron 42 single player campaign and the persistent universe will be classified as different games and will need to be purchased separately. So if you are on the fence about getting the game, might be best... Read more

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    Star Citizen Alpha 2.1.0 ̵...

    19 January 2016 , by admin

    Another big milestone is here … 😀 Star Citizen Alpha 2.1.0 – Patch notes. I wont go on and on and on about all the details so you can just read them for yourself here. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link//15137-Star-Citizen-Alpha-210 You can expect to find the ttSKY crew playing the alpha religiously 😀 If you want to fly with u... Read more

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    Welcome to 2016

    4 January 2016 , by admin

    Firstly I would like to wish the community a very happy New Year, I hope that you have all kept safe during the Christmas and New Year period. Welcome back to the grind 🙂 we have some big things planned this year and we also just have a lot of the same 😀 I’ll keep this brief as we all... Read more

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    EXILE Mod Update v0.9.4.1 R...

    23 December 2015 , by admin

    Hi All, A minor patch has been released for Exile, v0.9.4.1 “Clementine”. http://www.exilemod.com/topic/8609-0941-clementine/ Aa per usual at this stage we plan to be updating on Thursday (should our host update the packages on time). We will advise should this ETA change. CHANGE LOGS: TLDR Version Less bugs, but not bug free Much surpr... Read more

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    [ttSKY] AUZ/NZ Exile Server

    15 December 2015 , by admin

    Hi Al, So it has been about 3 days since the server went live with Exile v0.9.4 and we couldnt be happier. The community is loving our changes and updates to the base game and even the Exile updates have improved the game itself at a core level ! If you have any feedback we would be glad to hear... Read more

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    Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 –...

    15 December 2015 , by admin

    The ALPHA 2.0 is now live!!! Introducing / Enhancing such features as ;   First Person Battles New Ships Spaceflight.   See the following feature list Open World Missions 8 Comm Array missions involving dogfighting and EVA, 8 Research missions involving protecting civilians or recovering lost data and 1 Exploration mission of an abandoned... Read more

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