Ermezio Gazzette 4: Me and Hal 9000

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Ermezio Gazzette 4: Me and Hal 9000

Postby Ermezio » Sat Feb 20, 2016 10:50 pm

Hello to everyone of you: Good Morning, if you will see this post in the morning; Good Evening, if you will see this post in the evening; Good Night, if you will see this post at night time. OK all the areas have been covered.

Yesterday, I was so happy and surprised by the immediate help I've received by Mr. Diavulus (now A.K.A. Hal 9000). I was also surprised that being Hal 9000 such a young man, he knew who Hal 9000 was. I guess that only if you are over 35 years of age, you would know who Hal 9000 was. Well, I'm here to tell the younger generations that populate this website that Hal 9000 was the Mega High tech Computer, that was inside the Spaceship of a Masterpiece directed by Stanley Kubrick way back in 1968 (I was 5 years old at that time) and the movie was: 2001 Space Odyssey. Please if you didn't see this movie, well you must see it.

I want to thank Mr. Hal 9000 for his help yesterday. We didn't laugh so much as we did when we first met, we were really serious High Tech people, trying to solve my Mods and Arma III issues, but guess what? I did already solved that, without bothering Mr. Hal 9000 further. He was very surprised too, and he said that soon I will be completely an High Tech Person too.

As soon as I will be promoted as a real High Tech Persona, I will apply at the Sublime Authority of this website to become an Admin too. Finally if this dream will come true, I will fly over Altis map with other Admins and I will kick people that I will not like from our Server, even if they didn't do anything wrong. I will look at their names, and if I won't like, or their names will sound odd to my ears and eyes, I will kick them straight away with no mercy. For example, if I will ever see someone with a name like: Burstingpizza, Exploding_Waterseats, Bignose+Joe, Billy the Douche-bag, Happy Moron, The Idiot, Stupid Bananas, The Snoring Bull_dog, Happy Patty '99, ....etc etc ....well, I will instantly kick him/her straight away from the Take The Sky Servers. Actually, why don't you change the name of this website or you don't create an alternative server name. I've got an idea: We have now: .....Take the; so why don't you guys have an alternative server named: .....But don't forget to give the sky It's an awesome idea.

OK that's it for now, I really hope I will see you very soon in the Server. Thank you all once again for your: Patient, care and help.

PS ....and because you are all so kind and patient with me, I will leave you with a clip from Utube. Did you know that we have in Italy our own Spiderman? This Italian Spiderman, is way better than the American one. Please take a look:

Over and Out

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