7 Days to Die Server

The foul stench of rotting flesh permeates your restless sleep and your eyes open. The lack of proper rest these past few months has hit you hard: how long has it been since you were actually safe – or had

Exile v0.9.8

IT IS FINALLY HERE THE PATCH WE HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR… Yes v0.9.8 finally hit the ground running and after a challenging upgrade (a lot of bugs with this patch) our server is up to date… So what changed?

The Division Patch 1.1

So it has been awhile, the majority of us have been enjoying The Division and neglecting our real lives. But recently (12/04) the first major patch for The Division was release and bringing with it “Incursions” …. brutal wave defence.

The Division – Open BETA

Some of you may or may not have heard about a new game called “The Division” and if you haven’t then I suggest you quickly go to YouTube and search THE DIVISION GAME PLAY … and just enjoy 🙂 So

Star Citizen Package Split

So word has come down from high that the separation of the two Star Citizen games is happening on 14/2/15. After this date the Squadron 42 single player campaign and the persistent universe will be classified as different games and

Take The Sky // GENERAL NEWS

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    Welcome to Take The SKY

    13 December 2015 , by admin

    Welcome to Take The Sky – Gaming Community. Take The Sky was founded originally as a small mercenary corporation for the soon to be gaming phenomenon STAR CITIZEN, by the co-founders Devastator and BornLucky. We then decided to bring our other community servers under a unified banner provided servers for game such as AMRA 3 (Epoch and Exile m...

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