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Welcome to Take The Sky – Gaming Community.

Take The Sky was founded originally as a small mercenary corporation for the soon to be gaming phenomenon STAR CITIZEN, by the co-founders Devastator and BornLucky. We then decided to bring our other community servers under a unified banner provided servers for game such as AMRA 3 (Epoch and Exile mods) and CSGO, and a few other titles.

When we are not hosting servers with blood, sweat and tears, we like to kick back and enjoy some gaming, in games such as Star Citizen (Alpha 2.0 😀 ), DayZ, AMRA 3, CSGO, LoL and many MANY other games. We are a group of like minded gamers who want to enjoy gaming and kick back with a few beers ( or cordial for the youngens 😉 ).

Join us on our forums and come visit us on or free teamspeak (you and your friends / clan mate can use it as much as you want for any and all gaming fun…. prefer you use our TS rather than hideous SKYPE).

TeamSpeak 3 Address = ts3.takethesky.org

Take The Sky - 2015